Happy Friends Nursery

Whitton Baptist Church, 29 Hounslow Road, Whitton, TW2 7BZ


tel: 07531 930637

'It was good to see plenty of activities for the children to learn with play. Also the opportunity for freedom. I liked the interaction of the staff with the children'

Grandad of boy aged 3yrs, during grandparents stay and play, October 2019

'We are so very grateful for all you have done to support our son over this last year. Don't change a thing'

Mum of boy aged 2yrs old, July 2019.

'I could say a million things here, but the success of the nursery is completely down to the fantastic staff. Even after drop off in the morning, I personally walk out feeling happier and calmer, it's a complete breath of fresh air, and the staff do all that they do in such a calm manner, amazing !' 

Mum of boy aged 3 yrs old, June 2019

'As a working parent, I appreciated the many mediums used to communicate with home'.

Mum of girl aged 3 yrs, July 2019

'Our son enjoys the free flow environment and the flexibility to choose what he wants to do'

Parents of boy aged 3yrs, July 2019

'Our son has gained independence, confidence and self belief from his time at Happy Friends'

Parents of boy aged 3yrs, July 2019

'Thank you all for your wonderful energy and positive outlook, it makes our nursery days special. My daughter loves happy friends and it's lovely to see her so busy'

Mum of girl aged 2years, December 2018

'What you do each day for all the Happy Friends children is quite amazing. There is so much care, attention and above all, heart. I am so grateful that my children got to be part of it, and I thank you forever for the positive, fun and loving influence you've given them. What a smashing bunch of people!!'


Mum of twins aged 3yrs, Dec 2018.


'You always go above and beyond for the children. This is really special for the little ones'

Mum of girl aged 2yrs during farm visit, April 2018

"It has been a really special year, so happy to be in this amazing nursery".

Mum of boy aged 2yrs, July 2017.

"We really appreciate the weekly emails, it keeps us dads updated while at work! Love the fact that the children take turns to visit the local hight street with Vicky or Debbie for a bit of 1:1 time, while learning about the shops in our community".

Dad of girl aged 2yrs, during dads stay and play, May 2017.

'It has been lovely to be shown around by my daughter, she is very proud of her nursery, Thank you.'

Mum of girl 2yrs old, after mums stay and play March 2018.

'Wow, you have done a great job bringing your farm animal topic alive with a visit from the mobile farm. Just brilliant'

Mum of girl aged 3yrs, April 2018

'It's great to get to come in and see my daughter play with her friends again, and I get another chance to look through her special book"

Mum of girl aged 3, mums stay and play, March 2017

"Great to meet you all today & really enjoyed our time with Happy Friends Nursery. A lovely team and a really nice atmosphere. I was still smiling on the way home.'

Dr Stuart Wood, Geoff the snake and friends. @meetthebeasts.

"I had as much fun as my son today, making a cardboard musical instrument. As a family we knew we had chosen the right nursery when we saw how much our son enjoys his time there"

Dad of boy aged 3, after dads 'stay and play' May 2017.

"Thank you for inviting me to stay and play. You all make an amazing effort with different activities for the children, who all seem really happy." 

Mum of boy aged 3, after stay and play, March 2017.

"The nursery is run very efficiently by devoted teachers, who give the children confidence in their environment, and are preparing them well for their future education. Thank you very much."

Grandparents of boy aged 4yrs (at grandparents stay and play Oct 2016)

"I really enjoyed visiting Happy Friends Nursery with my grandson. It is a very happy and calm environment with lots of different activities for the children. The staff were very friendly and competent and interacted really well with the children, parents and visitors. There are lots of learning opportunities for the children and my grandson showed me everything from the bug area, cars, to the balls and hard hats."

Nanna of boy aged 2years

(after Grandparent stay and play, Oct 16)

"A very friendly, caring environment and a good ratio of children to adults. A very happy place to be."

Grandparents of boy aged 2 yrs after stay and play Oct 2016.

"Love it !! Lots of things for my granddaughter to learn about. She says she loves everything. The messy play is great and it is very friendly."

Nanny of girl aged 3yrs (after grandparents stay and play, Oct 2016)

"A lovely, peaceful environment where the children are encouraged to take pride in their work. Staff know each child's forte and helps them to create and learn. The Special book is wonderful for future reference and for parent to see what has been happening in the day"

Grandparents of boy aged 3yrs (after grandparents stay and play, Oct 2016).

"Thankyou for a fabulous year. We have seen our son grow and thrive so much over his time with you. It has been a delight seeing how wonderful you all are with all the children".

(Parents of boy aged 3yrs, July 2016)

"We just want to say a massive thanks for looking after our son so well over the past year. He has grown so much in confidence and into an independent little boy and that's all thanks to you three lovely ladies". (parents of boy aged 3yrs July 2016)

"We are so impressed with the improvement in our daughters confidence since you began Happy Friends Nursery in January. She has learnt so much in such a short space of time and is very happy here."

                (parents of girl aged 3yrs, March 2016)

We were very happy to be able to stay and play with our son, being able to see what he gets up to during his morning. The environment is well set up and clear for all the children to explore the different areas

(parents of boy aged 2yrs 9mths, March 2016)

"Since my daughter has been a part of the 'happy friends' team, she has blossomed beautifully. She is coming on leaps and bounds and its all thanks to such a fantastic staff team. Thank you : )" 

(mum, girl aged 2yrs, March 2015)   

I am so happy that our son is a part of the lovely Happy Friends Nursery, and I am absolutely happy and satisfied by the environment he is growing up in. The nursery is a great and lovely place with fantastic teachers who are so nice. I would highly recommend this nursery to whoever would like to join.

(mother of boy aged 2years, March 2016)

"You have done so many great subjects, and created a fabulous environment" (parents of child 3yrs, 2015)

So pleased to see him interacting with the other children and making some very interesting items. The look of concentration on his face in some of the pictures is lovely to see. He loves coming to school, he never complains or says he doesn't want to go, which just shows what an amazing job you are all doing - Thank You !!

(parents of boy, aged 3, July 2015)

"So many fun and interesting activities. Its great to look at all the fun she has been having, this beautiful book showcases everything. We are so proud of our daughters achievements both personally and emotionally since joining Happy Friends. Her confidence, vocabulary and general awareness has trebled since she started. We would like to thank Debbie, Vicky and Jane so much for welcoming her into their family. You have all truly been amazing from the onset, and we are ALL going to miss you all deeply. You are doing fantastic work, and we have been privilidged to be part of it xxx"  (parents of girl 2yrs, July 2015)

"We are really impressed with our daughters work and the time and care she puts into it. She is always incredibly proud of the creations she brings home with her. We are also overwhelmed by the care and attention all of the Happy Friends teachers give to her and the other children to ensure they are having fun as well as learning".                      (parents of girl 2yrs, November 2015) 

"It was lovely seeing his special book again and wonderful to see such a range of activities. Thank you all so much for making nursery a joy for our son". (parents of boy 3yrs, Nov.2015)

"Very pleased with the progress our son is making at nursery. It seems like he gets involved in the majority of the activities you offer, and its clear to see by the pictures in his special book".

(parents of boy 2yrs, November 2015)

'My two children loved learning about Japan, and all the other countries you look at. There was a wonderful diversity experienced which gives children a realistic outlook to living in London'.

Mum of boy aged 4 and girl aged 3yrs, July 2019.

'My son doesn't tell me much after nursery, so its been great to see him busy with his friends and with you ladies, and he knows where everything is too!'

Mum of boy aged 2yrs, during mums stay and play week, March 2018

"Thank you for the time you've taken to ensure that we know what's going on with our daughter and how she is doing at nursery, and thank you for your support of us too. Happy Friends is such a welcoming place, its been a pleasure sending her to you guys and seeing how she has developed with you. Thanks for creating such a happy environment for her, she has LOVED her time with you"

Parents of girl aged 4yrs, July 2017

"A happy friendly environment with a great range of activities inside and outside. Thank you for having us."

Grandparents of boy aged 2 yrs (after grandparent stay and play Oct 2016.)

"You guys are really awesome!! We are going to miss you very much. I can't thank you enough for how you have been with my daughter. I hope your nursery grows bigger  and bigger, and wish you all the success".   (parents of girls aged 4yrs, July 2016)

"We think the special book is a great idea! We get to see the brilliant work she is producing with pictures and a description. We are also very pleased with her development and learning and how much fun she is having."    (parents, girl aged 3yrs, 2015)

"She loves coming to nursery and she loves her teachers. She seems to have become a lot more aware of things since starting with you, pointing out buses when we go out (for example). She is thriving. She loves 'show and tell', and always takes time each morning to find something to bring, and she tells me what she is going to say about it."      (parent of girl aged 4yrs, March 2015)

"Beautiful!!! You're all just so brilliant!! Our daughter has learnt so much, and her special book proves it.  Thankyou"

(parents of girl aged 3yrs, July 2015)

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