Happy Friends Nursery

Whitton Baptist Church, 29 Hounslow Road, Whitton, TW2 7BZ


tel: 07531 930637


                                           Our vision statement at Happy friends Nursery,

       " To help, guide and teach the children important life skills in a safe and caring environment ".

                            Term Dates at Happy Friends Nursery.

2018 -2019 Academic Year

Autumn Term 2018

Monday 10th September - Friday 14th December (half term Mon 22nd Oct-Fri 26th Oct).

Spring Term 2019

Monday 7th January - Friday 5th April (half term Mon 18th Feb-Fri 22nd Feb).

Summer Term 2019

Monday 29th April - Friday 19th July (half term Mon 27th May - Fri 31st May).

Nursery will also be closed on bank holiday  Monday 6th May.

2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Autumn Term 2019

Monday 9th September - Friday 13th December (half term Mon 28th Oct - Fri 1st Nov).

Spring Term 2020

Monday 6th January - Friday 27th March (half term Mon 17th Feb- Fri 21st Feb).

Summer Term 2020

Monday 20th April - Friday 17th July (half term mon 25th May- Fri 29th May).

Nursery will also be closed for bank holiday Mon 4th May.

2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Autumn Term 2020

Monday 7th September - Friday 18th December (half term Mon 26th Oct- Friday 30th Oct).

Spring Term 2021

Monday 11th January - Friday 26th March (half term Mon 15th Feb- Friday 19th Feb).

Summer Term  2021

Monday 19th April - Friday 16th Juy (half term Mon 31st May - Fri 4th June).

Nursery will also be closed for bank holiday Mon 3rd May. 

                                                                                        Happy Friends Nursery Ltd.         Registered in England & Wales No. 09244886

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